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Sponsor a child's dreams today! $1 saves a child's life.

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A hammock is not a home, yet many aren't even fortunate enough to call a hammock home. A doorway, a piece of plastic, or even a old car hood can be home. It beats selling yourself for a place to sleep.

Our mission here at His World Mission is this, save as many children as God will allow! A simple calling with complicated solutions. This world faces a growing orphan population, largely due to the fact that nearly 50% of the population is largely functionally uneducated and under employed . Our job is to provide temporary necessities to keep them alive, and then to help them with education and options to be self sustaining. We are there to fill the gap and shed some light on their many questions.

Poverty is the number one cause of orphans and child death in any country, next to disease, followed by war. In our world an estimated 50% of the people live in poverty, living on just $2.50 per day per person. Lasting change will come with focused solutions to food and education issues. Give a man a fish you feed him today, teach him how to grow crops and raise food animals and you affect his entire family for life.

There comes a point when we have to stop just pulling people out of the river. We need to go upstream and find out why they keep falling in. Desmond Tutu.

Tiny hands, Tiny hearts, Big HOPE!


Living with an empty stomach makes everyday worse than the last. When eating becomes a cherished event rather than a daily occurrence, life becomes a privilege rather than a right.


A broken education system is only an issue if you get to go to school in the first place. Education for the very poor is out of reach. Poverty should drive you to school not keep you from it !                    


Poverty does not respect it's victim! By helping a community grow stronger we can affect poverty. By establishing shared gardens, work oppurtunities, and by skills training we can change things.